OBAMA: Delusional or Something Worse?

In light of Obama’s statements regarding the attacks in Paris a few days ago, I needed to send this email out asap.  I believe Obama is a threat not only to the individual rights and freedoms of Americans, but to America’s continued leadership position in the world.  This country has been a beacon of freedom to “oppressed” people throughout its history.

Many Muslims have come to America because of her freedoms and opportunity, but they are hypocrites when they also wish to live under Sharia law.  Individual rights and Sharia are absolutely not compatible because Sharia negates ALL individual rights.  Of course, most Muslim immigrants are uneducated and are not rational.  Their religion is an example of complete irrationality, so they are not accustomed to thinking in rational terms.  We cannot expect them to understand the logical incompatibility of individual rights and Sharia.  But, their inability to understand is no reason to allow Sharia a foothold here.  They must be told in no uncertain terms that there will be no Sharia in the United States.  They must learn why individual rights are moral and why Sharia is not.  We must be able to tell them bluntly: Either assimilate, or leave.

Obama is a Socialist ideologue.  He does not believe that the United States should be the most powerful nation on earth.  Socialists equivocate the idea of equality under the law with equivalence.  That is why they make such a big deal of inequality.  That is why they believe that everyone’s paycheck should be the same regardless of what they actually earn and that all nations should also be equal.  Freedom means that some people will outperform others.  Unequal results are a necessary byproduct of freedom, and there is certainly nothing wrong with that.  It is in fact a great good.  It is what makes opportunity and upward mobility possible!

A nation’s prosperity is proportional to its freedom.  America is “exceptional” BECAUSE of her freedoms.  If she becomes a Socialist dictatorship in accordance with Obama’s desires, America will become poor.  All dictatorships are poor.  The most prosperous nations are semi-free.  There are no fully free nations in the world.  If we make America fully free–which requires a minimal and delimited government as per our Constitution–she will become even more “exceptional” than in the past.  If you want to spread freedom, help “oppressed” people, feed the poor, and promote “world peace”, we must make America the practical example first.  Only then will other nations become truly motivated to emulate the Shining City on a Hill.

Obama is a threat to America.  He must be impeached immediately before he does more harm.  You will NOT get your freedoms back once he takes them away!


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