Lessons From the Shooting in San Bernadino, CA

1.  If you were one of the intended victims hiding in a closet, wouldn’t you want to have a concealed handgun on your person rather than being completely helpless because you were legally disarmed by ineffective gun control laws?

2. I recently moved from Prescott Valley, Arizona, where I lived for a year and a half.  This incident would not have happened there.  Why?  Too many people carry legally concealed handguns.  The terrorist, or psychotic shooters, would have been shot in short order.  Yes, violence is rarely the answer.  But when it is the answer, it is the only answer.  The only solution to a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. 

3. What if I had personally been in the same building legally carrying a concealed handgun?  Would I have shot the suspects if I saw them in the act of executing innocent people?  Hell no!  Why not?  California law would allow the family of the dead shooter to sue me in a court of law for unlawful death.  I could be financially ruined.  Kent Turnipseed says, “The situation demands the action.”  California liability laws are part of that situation.  Therefore, until I am legally protected for acting as a good guy, I will not save an innocent person’s life with my handgun.

4. Besides, California is a liberal and gun-unfriendly state.  The odds are that the intended victim believes that my gun is evil and that I should not be allowed to possess it.  I refuse to offend their values.  I will not knowingly use my handgun to save the life of someone who believes my gun is evil.  A moral person lives, or dies, by his values.  If you are anti-gun, be careful what you wish for.

CNN Sources: California Gunman Was Radicalized, Contacted Terror Suspects



San Bernardino shooting: Dramatic video shows police storming Inland Regional Center

The nurse who filmed the video thought it was just another active-shooter drill by the police.  They practiced for such an incident and their response was still ineffective.  Why?  Because of the time it takes for them to arrive on scene.  Even if they arrive in a few minutes, you will be dead in a few seconds.  Kent Turnipseed says, “Only you can protect you, 24/7.”  Again, the only solution to a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.



Obama is assisting Islamic jihad as much as he can.  There is no longer any doubt that he is an enemy of America.  The why is more speculative.  As a Socialist ideologue does he want to establish a Socialist “New World Order”?  He will be one of the anointed leaders, of course.


Attacker had ties to Islamic radicals, IEDs, giant arsenal



Giuliani: Anyone Who Thinks Shooting Wasn’t Terror Is ‘a Moron’


What Really Caused The California Terrorist Massacre?


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