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The primary characteristic of radical Liberal-Leftist thinking methodology is disintegration.  Proper thinking is characterized by integration, by combining all of your thoughts and ideas together into a harmonious and non-contradictory whole.  Progressive education has dominated for decades and has become a scheme of indoctrination.  One of the unfortunate results is that most people have trouble integrating their thoughts.  In other words, they have trouble connecting the dots.  This serves the needs of aspiring dictators.  It is very difficult, or impossible, to rule over rational people.  Dictators need mentally compliant subjects.

A crucial aspect of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals is to overwhelm the American people with so many issues and scandals that they “blow a mental fuse”.  They cannot mentally process all of the data and thus retreat in frustration.  It all becomes a blur; music turns into loud background “noise” to be simply ignored.  “Big brother” will tell the confused people what to think and what do!  He is very adept at manipulating language as a means of manipulating the people.

There are so many important issues that it is hard for us to keep them straight.  I have trouble deciding which article to comment on because there are so many every day.  What we need is the ability to integrate all of these issues so that we can focus on the underlying problem.  That is why I have been including several links in each email to help you to connect the dots.  The topics are easily related.  Please connect them!

The article linked immediately below needs to be circulated because it gets to the bottom of a crucial issue.  Once totalitarianism is established in the United States, there will be no going back.  There will be no reprieve, no reset.  Protestors will have no rights and will simply be shot dead.  This will not be covered by the evening news unless it is approved by the “news czar”.  U.S. citizens need to pay attention now, before-the -fact, because they are in danger of losing their freedoms which they will never regain in their lifetime.  It could be hundreds or even thousands of years before America can again become the land of the free.  Freedom is really that rare in history; it is the exception, not the rule.  Don’t let it go!

The Democrats’ Theme for 2016 Is Totalitarianism

The prosperity of a nation is proportional to its freedom.  All dictatorships are poor.  I’ve been saying this for years.  When the U.S. becomes a totalitarian state, its prosperity will quickly decline until we are a poor third world nation.  If you think we are in bad economic times now, just wait until you miss a few meals.  Obesity will no longer be a problem.  Surviving will be.

Trump Predicts Economic ‘Bubble’ Could Soon Burst

Who lies more?  Hillary or Obama?  It’s a tough question!

Trump Blasts Hillary on ISIS Claim: ‘She Lies Like Crazy’

An obvious aspect of the Leftist-Statist methodology is inversion, turning things upside down.  Up is down.  Good is bad.  The real traitor accuses you of being a traitor, and your attempt to defend yourself focuses attention on you, not on him.  The fact that he is the real traitor is lost in the confusion.  Another form of this inversion is calling you an Islamophobe.  Islam is a complete way of life; it far more than just a religion.  It is governed by Sharia law which is incompatible with individual rights because it repudiates all rights.  If you say this or anything else that can be construed as a anti-Islam, however, you are branded as an Islamophobe by Leftist politicians.  A legitimate concern is thus branded as politically incorrect and therefore wrong.  The terrorist is obviously Islamic, yet you are branded as a terrorist for voicing any concerns about Islamic refugees!

Worried about terror? You’re a monster

Here is another example of inversion.  The U.S. is the greatest hope for the world, and this Leftist calls it the greatest threat.

SALON: Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and the U.S. ‘Scarier’ Than Any Foreign Threat

What are the odds of America continuing to be a free country?  We have already lost far too many of our freedoms, and our decline is accelerating.  The situation does not look good.

Horowitz: Donald Trump and the American Future

If Republicans want to join Democrats and match their viciousness in taking down the Republican front-runner, Hillary Clinton is going to be our next president.

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