Will Trump Be Assassinated?

In the 2014 elections the Republicans won a landslide victory giving them a majority in both the House and Senate.  I breathed a sigh of relief believing that they would return to Washington DC and neutralize Obama’s every effort to hurt, diminish, and destroy the United States–along with our rights and freedoms.  But, they did not.  Instead, they laid down and gave Obama everything he wanted.  Everything!  Here comes tyranny!

There is deep and widespread discontent with politics as usual.  There is a deep and widespread discontent with professional politicians, cronyism, and the insider deals that enrich the politicians and big business at the expense of ordinary Americans.  They are destroying America.  They are dissolving our constitutional rights.  We the People no longer matter.  We are no longer a free country.

That is the reason Trump is leading in the polls.  Big time!  The Republican voting base is pissed off!  They are angry and incensed at professional politicians of both parties, but especially with the Republican status quo who do not resist Obama’s socialist agenda.  They have had it with Socialism redistributing their wealth (which is a violation of their property rights).  They do not understand that crony capitalism is not capitalism–it is Fascism!  But, they have had it with cronyism of any kind.  The American citizen always gets the shaft.

Donald Trump has changed the terms of the debate and has completely changed the Presidential race for the better.  No one dared address the issues now discussed in the debates until Trump made them an issue.  And, the public is responding.  That is why Trump is leading in the polls.

But, the political establishment cannot afford to have Trump in the White House for many reasons as mentioned in the articles below.  That is why Trump’s greatest threat is assassination.  What is his best defense?  Publicity!  Spread the word that he is a real threat to the establishment, and that is why they want to assassinate him.  If it happens, Trump should tell the people where to look for the perpetrators.  Point fingers now!  An informed public might riot, or revolt, if Trump is assassinated.  Make it too costly and risky for them to do it!

Bill Bennett has been credited as writing the article immediately below.  I checked with his people and they say that he did not.  Regardless, it is an excellent read.  It lists the reasons why it would be a disaster for the establishment if Trump becomes President.  We need to let them know that we will no longer tolerate their manipulation of OUR country, and that we are willing to spill their blood to stop them!  We want to make America great again!

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