The Caveat of Trump

This is the caveat (= beware, risk, danger) with Donald Trump.  He does not seem to fully understand the principles of free speech and individual rights, and it is even more alarming if he doesn’t care.  No presidential candidate will be perfect.  The big question is: Who will do the most to stop our current descent into Socialist tyranny and move our country in the opposite direction towards rights and freedom?  We need to throw a wrench into the political status quo.  At this time Trump and Cruz seem to be the only candidates who could do this. 

We are at a critical crossroads in America.  The next Presidential election will likely decide which road we take.  Our only chance to save our individual rights is to elect a President who will slow our descent and buy us more time to educate the public about the immorality and disaster of any form of Collectivism (Socialism, Fascism, Communism).  Freedom is rare in history, and it only results when a government recognizes and honors the individual rights of its citizens.  Our current freedoms were paid for in blood, and ignorant citizens are letting them slip away.  They neither appreciate them nor realize that they will lose them forever.  Realistically, the odds are against us preserving our freedoms.  But, the odds against our Founding Fathers were immense.  We cannot give up so long as there is any hope of success.

Both parties of the political establishment are conspiring with their cronies to force America into a Socialist tyranny where they will (expect to) be in control.  One must wonder if they fully realize what they are doing.  When the “politics of pull” is enforced by tyranny, many who fall out of favor will be killed.  Death is permanent.  A free society is much more forgiving of failure.  But, there is a fundamental difference between failing to curry the favor of the Fuhrer and failing to be successfully productive in a competitive free society (genuine Capitalism).  Productivity (ability and hard work) is the virtue that leads to advancement and success.  The cream rises to the top, and a rising tide lifts all boats.  There are no real losers if one is willing to work.  This is the unlimited potential in a free society.  That is why the prosperity of a nation is proportional to its freedom.  Freedom is what will make America great again.

Trump recently said that eminent domain is a wonderful thing.  That is a scary statement because eminent domain is a violation of property rights.

Definition: “The power to take private property for public use by a state, municipality, or private person or corporation authorized to exercise functionsof public character, following the payment of just compensation to the owner of that property.”

Giving power to the government is fraught with dangers because the natural tendency for any entity is to attempt to increase its power.  That is why our Founders included so many checks and balances in our Constitution.  The Kelo case illustrates the problem which is far more than an issue of just or unjust compensation.  It is considered a disaster for property rights and is a big step toward the establishment of a totalitarian Socialist state.  A recent and ongoing controversy is the Bundy Ranch in Nevada.  The “controversy” of the Hammond Ranch is going on right now in Oregon.  The unjustified effort to increase governmental power and control never sleeps.

Kelo v. New London (2005) – Supreme Court Eminent Domain Case

The article below reveals another specific example of the danger of Trump.

Americans can’t let radical Islam threaten free speech

Is this the caveat if one votes for Trump?

Trump Defies the Constitution


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