Please Honor the Values of an Anti-Gun Person

A firearm is the most practical implement of self-defense available to most Americans. Anyone who wishes to deny you a gun wishes to prevent you from being able to effectively defend yourself. I therefore conclude that an anti-gun person is opposed to the principle of self-defense.

How will this affect my personal behavior? I will never knowingly disrespect the views of anyone who I know is against the 2nd Amendment by coming to his aid or defense. Doing so would entail personal risk. Why should I assume such a risk? If I know that person is against the principle of self-defense, why should I come to his defense? Furthermore, I respect the values of others even if I do not agree with them. Thus, I will not presume to offend that person’s values. I will honor them even if it results in his death. After all, we should live by our values, or if necessary, die by them.

If in a moment of panic that person cries out for me to help him, I must be strong and do what I know is right. He is simply experiencing a moment of weakness because of the excruciating pain he feels or because of the shocking realization that he is powerless to stop his attackers from killing him. He knows that he will die unless someone saves him. But, I must honor his values in order to preserve my own integrity–even if he has lost his in a moment of weakness. He simply didn’t understand the consequences of his chosen but contradictory views.

I strive to integrate all of my knowledge into a unified, non-contradictory whole even if he does not. I strive to understand the principles that underlie the various issues facing us today. His views may contradict each other, but I have no obligation to enlighten him. He would only be argumentative with me if I tried. So I hold my tongue, maintain my composure, and simply inform him that we must agree to disagree. If I subsequently see him violently attacked, I will be honor bound to simply walk away and phone the police when I am at a safe distance. As an honorable person I cannot do otherwise.

There is more than enough information out there for any rational person to understand that gun control laws do not work. Criminals simply do not obey the law. If gun control laws could control the “gun problem”, then laws against drugs would control the drug problem. Ours would be a drug free society. Thus, their anti-gun views are a matter of belief, not of rationality.

Anyone who is anti-gun is being consistent with his collectivist ideology (socialist, fascist, communist), regardless of whether or not he realizes that his ideology does not include the right to life. I cannot change his views on guns unless I first change his ideology. That would require far more time and energy than I would be willing to give unless that anti-gun person was a loved one. Part of the wisdom acquired when one gets older is to know not to beat your head against a brick wall. You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink.

Why Gun Control Laws Don’t work – Felon acquires 40-60 Guns for Resell

The definitive research on the effects of gun control laws is the book More Guns, Less Crime by Dr. John Lott. If you are seriously concerned about the subject, this is the book to read. It is now in its 3rd edition. Its data base is FBI crime data for all counties in the U.S. for 25 years. No other study’s database comes close to this. Virtually everything you have learned about guns from the news media is not true. Read the reliable source yourself, and you will be able to untangle the web of lies about guns. Dr. Lott does not broach the subject, but it boils down to big government being able to control you. Our Founders counseled us that politicians cannot rule an armed populace. “An armed man is a citizen. A disarmed man is a subject.”

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