Small Businesses Hurt by Obamacare

Socialized medicine is bad in principle.  Obamacare is socialized medicine on steroids.  Therefore, its consequences must be really bad.  The only question is, how bad?  The article at the bottom of these comments elaborates on the injustice.

Socialism and the other two forms of collectivism, Fascism and Communism, are institutionalized theft.  They redistribute wealth which means that they must rob Peter in order to pay Paul.  This is a violation of Peter’s property rights.  Whether the theft is committed by a small time criminal, the mafia, or the government, theft is theft.  It is immoral because it is steals from the person who earned the money–which is a violation of that person’s property rights.  It is wrong.  That is why any form of collectivism is evil.

Humans survive through production.  Pure nature is not good enough to provide for human survival.  Humans must take raw materials from nature and “process” them into a usable form.  This processing is called production, and production is a procedure created by thinking, by the use of our rational faculty.  This is why our capacity to reason is our basic means of survival.

Participants in the TV series Naked and Afraid always lose a lot of weight.  They would starve to death if the series went on much longer than its 21 days.  The series demonstrates that humans are not equipped to survive in pure nature.  Each of the two participants is allowed to bring one item with them.  Usually these two items consist of some form of a knife and a fire starter, and these implements are crucial to their obtaining water, food, and building a suitable shelter.  But, cutting tools and a way to start a fire took many years for humans to develop.  These products of thinking presumably occurred early in human evolution and were also key to our subsequent evolution.  The point is that the participants in Naked and Afraid would not be able to survive their 21 days without the two implements produced by modern society.  A naked human is not at all equipped to survive in nature.

Production is the method by which we process raw materials into food, shelter, automobiles, computers, iPhones, and shoes.  The people who produce are producers.  The other two groups of humans are the looters and moochers.  Looters rob from the producers.  Moochers beg from them.  Both are unnecessary baggage on the human race.  Without the producer humans would become extinct.  Therefore, the producer should be protected.  Justice demands that he be rewarded for creating the consumable goods by which all humans survive.  Individual rights are the historically revolutionary concept that protects the producer.  All forms of collectivism violate the rights of the producer.  This is why all forms of collectivism are evil.  When understood by using principles this is elementary.

Socialized medicine is a means by which collectivism provides medical care to looters and moochers.  The justification for this theft is the ethics of altruism–which I reject.  (Altruism says that we have an moral duty to provide for the needy, but that subject is beyond the limited scope of this short commentary.)  Producers are the only group who can pay for their own medical care.  They don’t need for anything to be “free”.  Remember that consumable goods (including the services of a doctor) are produced so they are not “free”.  Their production requires work (including years of study in medical school) so the producers should be compensated; they should be paid for their work.

If anything is “free”, then either its producer or the taxpayer or a combination of the two are being robbed and are being forced to function as slaves.  “The right to life is the source of all rights–and the right to property is their only implementation.  Without property rights, no other rights are possible.  Since man has to sustain his life by his own effort, the man who has no right to the product of his effort has no means to sustain his life.  The man who produces while others dispose of his product, is a slave.”  (Ayn Rand)  Most advocates of socialism, socialized medicine, and “free stuff” do not realize that they are advocating slavery, the slavery of the producer.

(What would happen if the producers went on strike and refused to produce?  This is the theme of Atlas Shrugged, the great philosophical novel by Ayn Rand)

Another applicable principle is that a nation’s prosperity is proportional to its freedom.  More freedom is good for the economy.  Less freedom is bad for the economy.  Socialism or socialized anything means less freedom.  It will hurt the economy, period.

Capitalism is the socio-economic system geared to the needs of the producer.  Its essence is freedom, and that is why the more capitalistic nations are wealthier and why all dictatorships are poor.  By the way, crony capitalism is mis-named.  It is fascism which is a form of collectivism.  It is the “politics of pull”, not of merit–of who you know, not what you know.  The Liberals and mainstream news media are expert at manipulating language in order to advance their evil agenda.  They do not want you to realize that the bad effects in our economy come from collectivism, not from capitalism.

In the US today we have a mixed economy which is an unstable mixture of capitalism and collectivism.  Those who criticize our mixed economy and believe that they are criticizing capitalism are simply revealing their ignorance–and the success of the Left’s efforts at language manipulation.  The collectivist Left does not want you to realize that anything is wrong.  Like crabs in a pot of water being brought to a slow boil, they do not want you to realize that there is a problem until it is too late!  We have been on the gradual road to collectivism for more than a century, and Obama has sped up our descent towards poverty and misery.  Open your eyes and become aware!

Collectivism in any of its forms is the socio-economic system geared to the needs of the looters and moochers.  The perfect model of collectivism is a honey bee hive.  All subjects (not citizens) are worker bees who have a moral duty to serve their hive.  They do not have rights.  Only citizens under capitalism have rights because capitalism logically follows from individualism which is the ideological opposite of collectivism.  The dreams, aspirations, and happiness of any individual worker bee are irrelevant.  All that is relevant is that he work and slave for his hive, for his collective.  Only citizens under capitalism have a right to pursue their happiness.  Collectivism is a suitable social system for insects, but it is not appropriate for humans because we possess a rational faculty.

All forms of collectivism destroy the middle class.  When collectivism approaches its pure form there will be a few super rich ruling class elites and the rest of the population will consist of the desperately poor, the worker bees, the slaves.  And, they will be far more poor than the so-called “poor” in America today.  Small businesses are the foundation of the middle class, and the article below explains what Obamacare is doing to them.  As the US approaches a pure socialist-collectivist system, we will have few if any freedoms left, and we will be transformed into a poor country.  We will no longer be able to afford to pay for welfare, entitlements, and “free stuff”.  The meaning of communist Leon Trotsky will become clear: “Those who shall not toil shall not eat”.  Beware that those who work might not eat, either, because there will be very little for anyone to eat in an impoverished country!

Survey Says 87% of Small Businesses Saw Increase in Healthcare Costs Under Obamacare

Sanders and Supporters Not Quite Sure How He Will Pay for Free Stuff

Even Chris Matthews is flabbergasted by the idiocy.

I sincerely hope Ramsey is correct because that would mean that we will survive our coming economic collapse without any significant changes to our society.  If he’s wrong, however, the opinions of the Millennials will not matter a bit.  A worker bee is not allowed to voice his opinion in a dictatorship.  “Big brother” forbids it!

Financial Guru Dave Ramsey: ‘Millennials Like Socialism Until They Have to Pay for It

“We’re going to be all right, America.”

Here is another view that may shock many of you.  It is an interesting opinion that is consistent with the idea that the power seekers will do anything to increase and consolidate their power and control over you.  They do not care about you; they care only about their power.  How do like being their manipulated pawn?  But, who cares what you think?  You are only a worker bee!  Regarding the psychology of the rulers, Milton in Paradise Lost (1667) said: “Tis better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven”.

Obamacare is working

Socialism will impoverish more than just the middle class.  Even big (private) businesses may not survive.

Bad News if You Shop at Walmart, Macy’s or Any Other Giant Retailer…


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