What Memorial Day Really Means

On Memorial Day we should be aware of and appreciate what our military men fought for.  They fought and many died for our rights and freedoms.   Our rights should be considered sacred.  Americans need to better understand what individual rights are, and are not.  We are losing more every day because Americans do not understand what they are, and are not.

Snowflakes are the spoiled and ignorant college kids who “demand” that they be provided “safe spaces” on university campuses where they will be protected from “micro-aggressions” being committed against them.  A micro-aggression is committed if you verbally say anything that that is not consistent with their naive world view and is therefore offensive to their sensibilities because it makes them “feel” uncomfortable.  But, facts don’t care about your feelings.  This is one of the consequences of the pseudo self-esteem movement.  No one can give someone else self-esteem.  It must be earned.  Self-centered snowflakes are so delicate because they don’t possess self-esteem!

But, college is where you’re supposed to go to be exposed to all manner of ideas, the “market place of ideas”.  Then, you’re supposed to think about them and develop your own rational arguments why you are in favor of or opposed to these ideas.  This is what we all do in real life, and college is supposed to prepare you for real life.  It is supposed to educate you so that you can better articulate why you hold the views that you do.  You’re supposed to be able to articulate why you believe in freedom versus slavery, free choice versus coercion or compulsion, individual rights versus false moral duties, or individualism versus collectivism.  You’re supposed to be educated, to be able to rationally explain the why, to make sense.  That is what we expect you to able to do as a mature and educated adult.  And the crowning glory is to be able to explain how America is different from all other countries and thus why America is great!

But that is not what college kids are taught these days.  They are taught that America is immoral, not moral.  Everything is turned upside down and backwards.  They are taught that America exploits not only its own poor, but the world’s poor.  They are not taught how we can make so much money off of the poor who have none. They are not taught that Americans originated the phrase “to make money” which implies that wealth is created, not expropriated.  They are not taught that Marx’s Exploitation Theory is wrong. They are taught the principles of collectivism, the three forms of which are socialism, fascism, and communism.  They are taught that every person should be paid the same amount, regardless of what or how much they produce, even if they receive welfare and don’t produce anything.  They are not taught that equality under the law is the only valid application of the concept of equality.

One of the reasons that Trump won was because Hillary was given “special treatment” and was not prosecuted for her email scandal where she compromised national security.  The so called “silent majority” still believes in the traditional American principle of equality under the law.  If they would be prosecuted, then Hillary should be prosecuted.  That is fair.  You should get what you earn, both in economics and in the legal system.  And yes, these are some of the principles that made America great!

“Antifa” is short for anti-fascist.  What a joke!  They are the fascists!  The antifa’s are accusing anyone who espouses traditional American principles of being fascists.  Why?  Because they are collectivists and are fighting to eliminate our rights and freedoms, all the while depending on their right to free speech.  Hypocrisy?  They are ignorant of the fact that fascism is one of the three variations of collectivism.  The opposite of collectivism is individualism, and America is the best example of a country of individualism–at least for the first century and a half of its existence.  We have been indoctrinated into being collectivist for over a century because there has been no coherent philosophical opposition.  Now there is.  I am giving you some of it.  Officially, it called Objectivism, the philosophy of Ayn Rand.  Collectivism ends with dictatorship, and therefore with slavery.  Individualism logically follows from individual rights and results in freedom.  Americans need to get this straight so that they are not vulnerable to the politically correct (collectivist) nonsense.

A Message for All the Communist Antifa Snowflakes: Pay Attention & Learn Something



What they’re saying is that you can’t work in a Mexican restaurant if you’re not Mexican.  If you do, then you are “appropriating” or stealing from the Mexican culture.  Have you ever heard of anything so stupid?  In a sense you are honoring the Mexican culture if you work in a Mexican restaurant and are not Mexican!  You are affirming that their food is good!  If applied universally, then you can’t work in an Italian restaurant unless you’re Italian.  You can’t work in a Chinese restaurant if you’re not Chinese, etc.  Principles go both ways so let’s try it.  If you’re Mexican, then you can’t work in an Italian restaurant.  If you’re Italian you can’t work in a Chinese restaurant.  If you’re Chinese you can’t work in a Mexican restaurant.  So, who can work at McDonalds?  How un-American is all of this?  Our country’s traditional motto “E Pluribus Unum” means “out of many, one”.  You are an individual.  What racial extraction you happen to be is irrelevant.  What’s important is what’s in your heart.  That is America.  “Cultural Appropriation” is racist!  It is collectivist.  Racism is a primitive form of collectivism; my tribe, my group.  For the most part Americans have rejected racism.  The collectivists are trying their best to bring it back!

“Cultural Appropriation” Forces 2 White Women to Close Burrito Shop



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