Cultural Appropriation

The idea of cultural appropriation is stupid on its face! The idiots who came up with it are intellectual retards! If I go to a Mexican restaurant, I am honoring Mexican cuisine and culture by spending my money on it. The restaurant owners will be happy for the increased sales which adds to the profitability of their restaurant. The owners are also promoting Mexican culture! How many obscure cultures would disappear if individuals outside of that culture did not honor it by actively studying and promoting it?

Going further, the ideas of democracy and individual rights were born in ancient Greece. Then, there is a long history of the evolution of these ideas in Western civilization which culminated in the birth of the United States, the first moral country in history because it was founded on the principle of individual rights. Some refer to Aristotle as the first Founding Father because we would not have been possible without him.

So is the existence of the U.S. not proper because it culturally appropriated its fundamental ideas from ancient Greece? Or, is it not proper for Americans, for this nation of immigrants, to enjoy their rights and freedoms which are appropriated from another culture? The fundamental ideas at the core of the United States form the essentials of the ideology of freedom. The ideas at the core of most other cultures inconsistently form most of the essentials of the ideology of dictatorship, and thus of slavery. Are the idiots who are against “cultural appropriation” saying that it is proper for most people to be slaves? Ours is an age of irrationality which is becoming more blatant every day. The idea of cultural appropriation is a good example of their idiocy.

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