North Korean EMP Attack?

This is speculation on my part, but it something to think about.  With all of the fake news surrounding us, I can only speculate.

All Americans should be aware of the North Korean threat that could kill up to 90% of our population.  They say within a year, but I think it will only take 3 or 4 months.  Think about what will happen with no electricity–anywhere!  Everything stops.  Everything.  Our electrical grid could have been hardened against an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack at a reasonable cost, but politicians and (government regulated) utility companies have been dragging their feet for decades.  There is no excuse for leaving the US population so vulnerable.  The primary purpose of our government is to protect the rights of its citizens, as stated in our Declaration of Independence, the greatest political document in history.  A partial list of these rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  The right to life is our fundamental right because the other rights are meaningless once you are dead.

North Korea has previously tested nuclear devices.  The press told us that the last one was small.  What they did not tell us was that it was optimized for maximum EMP.  North Korea is not stupid.  They are working toward being able to take us out with the detonation of only one nuclear device at high altitude above the approximate center of the US.  Precision is not necessary.  Their missile test a few days ago proved that they are now capable of launching a missile that can reach the East Coast of the US, so they are more than capable of reaching the center of the country.  The only question is whether or not their missile can carry enough payload, and their missile technology has been progressing very quickly.  Would you like to play “bet your life”?  For real!

You only die once, and death from starvation or thirst is not pretty.  But, you may get lucky and be killed quickly by physical violence.  Or, you may linger and suffer from your injuries for a long time before dying.  After a successful EMP attack there will be zero medical care available.  There will be no water, food, medicine, or physical security–other than what you already have.  Without a gun, sufficient ammo, and the skill to hit your target effectively, you will be a helpless victim against the mob of starving and desperate people driven mad by thirst.  Without water they will die soon, so they will have nothing to lose.  They will not be merciful to you, only brutal.  There will be no replacement of any supplies.  Stores will be looted and empty.  You will truly be on your own.  Welcome to an uncompromising reality!

I live in Hawaii.  North Korea can ignore Hawaii.  Once the continental US goes “dark”, all shipping to Hawaii will stop.  About 90% of the food we eat is shipped in along with most of our other supplies.  The electric companies here are supposed to keep one month of reserve fuel on hand for their generators.  (I personally checked on this critical fact.)  Do you really think they’ll have that much?  Hawaii will go “dark” within 2 to 4 weeks.  Will the military and Navy here be able to function after the society around it collapses?  North Korea, Iran, China, and Russia will not need to be concerned about the military bases in Hawaii.  Will they win World War III?  Obama had 8 years to weaken and decimate our military–and did.  The deep state (or swamp, or whatever you want to call it) is very extensive.  It and the biased media is preventing President Trump from making much headway.  This is a “big picture” view.  Keep your fingers crossed that this “bad stuff” does not happen.  Apparently, our government cannot prevent it.  How lucky are you?  Wait and see.  You really do not have a choice.


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