Is It “Hate Speech” to Tell the Truth?

The blatant and obvious bias in the mainstream news media is astounding.  They have completely abandoned reason while the alternative news media is still trying to play fairly according to the rules of civility.  This does not work when your opponent is emotionally berserk.  It is irrational to attempt to be reasonable in the face of such irrationality.  At the very least, one must point out the opposition’s ridiculous position, and then attack him and make fun of him!  One must point out, specifically, why the opponent is not making any sense.  One must reveal that the opposition is mentally deranged.  One must honestly show him to be the fool that he is.  Point out the obvious!  And then, treat him like an idiot the next time he makes another accusation.  Let him learn that there is a price to pay for being irrational, even once.  He must now establish that he is worth listening to!  And, to accomplish that requires his being consistently rational over a significant period of time.  Accept no less!  Justice requires no less!

An accusation is nothing without evidence!  One side is making ridiculous accusations devoid of evidence, and the other side treats those accusations as if they were worthy of consideration.  They are NOT!  Point this out!  Show me the evidence!  It must make sense!  The accuser has the onus of proof because you cannot prove a negative.  We act as if we have the onus to show that their accusation is not valid.  Nonsense!  The onus is on he who asserts the positive.  What is going on here?  Are our defenders secretly on the opposition’s side?  When anyone attacks you with fervor, you must defend with equal or greater ferocity!  Don’t be a pushover!

The primary obligation of the U.S. govt is to protect the rights of its citizens.  That is, to protect the rights of American citizens, and only American citizens–not everyone on earth.  Get that straight in your heads.  Do not be manipulated!  Not only is it completely appropriate for our govt to put “America first”, it is their obligation!  American tax dollars should be spent only on American citizens!

When the news media reports that the migrant caravan currently South of our border is suing the U.S. govt for violating their 5th Amendments rights, simply laugh.  That is ridiculous!  They are NOT U.S. citizens!  It is not the responsibility of the U.S. govt to protect their rights.  Thus, the idea that an illegal immigrant should be able to vote in U.S. elections or receive welfare or any other entitlement is also ridiculous.  Those benefits apply ONLY to American citizens.

Furthermore, ANY redistribution of the income is a violation of the property rights of the person who originally earned that money.  I repeat, the primary obligation of the U.S. govt is to protect the rights of all of its citizens.  Why then is it violating the property rights of its productive citizens who actually work for a living and are forced to pay taxes?  We can legitimately say to our govt regarding our tax dollars being given as charity, that money is “not yours to give”.  When politicians give your money to charity, we can call it counterfeit compassion.  Genuine compassion is when you give your own money, not mine!  Politicians who give to welfare are guilty of the fraud of counterfeit compassion.  They are not giving away free lunches; they are giving away stolen lunches–stolen from the taxpayer-producer.  Basically, there are three groups of people: producers, moochers, and looters.  Only the first is moral.

Property rights are important because you cannot pursue your happiness without them.  Think about it!  The reason legal immigrants from around the world came to American to establish new lives for themselves and their families was freedom.  What they earned here was theirs!  Property rights!  In a collective whatever you “earn” belongs to the collective to be shared equally.  It does not matter if you worked harder than the others.  Your compensation would not be based on what you earned.  The model of collectivism (socialism, fascism, communism) is a honey bee hive.  All worker bees are obligated to sacrifice their lives for the “common good” of their hive.  The focus is on the collective, on the group, not on the individual.  Worker bees have duties to their hive, but they do not have rights.  They are slaves.  The concept of property rights does not apply in a collective–nor to slaves.

Individualism is the opposite of collectivism.  It logically follows from the concept of individual rights.  When your rights are honored and respected by your govt, the result is freedom.  A nation’s prosperity is proportional to its freedom.  That is why the United States quickly became the richest and most powerful nation on earth.

Freedom is all about free choice in everything, provided that you do not violate the identical rights of other people.  But, we are losing our rights bit by little bit.  Proponents of hate speech laws say that people have a right to not be offended.  Where did that come from?  Please explain to me why it is a right.  If your argument does not make sense, I will reject it.  If you speak freely, then someone will potentially be offended.  But, reality does not care about your feelings.  Neither does truth.  They simply are.  It is the responsibility of the offended to explain why his opinions are correct in a free exchange in the market place of ideas.  Free inquiry is a method through which we can consistently and reliably discover objective truth.

If anyone cannot back up his opinions with an argument that makes sense, then he should shut up, or he will make a fool of himself.  “Hate speech” laws nullify free speech because you are not allowed to freely express your ideas.  Think about it!  Whoever is promoting hate speech laws is really destroying your freedom to think.  They don’t want you to be able to think.  That ability is a threat to those who want to control you, the worker bee slave in the collectivist hive.  That is why Pol Pot ordered that all professional and educated people be eliminated in the “Killing Fields” of Cambodia.  That is the nature of dictatorial power.  Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it!  Don’t be an unthinking pawn!  Realize what is happening.  Your identity as a human being means that you possess a conceptual consciousness.  You are capable of rational thought.  Genuine progress depends on man’s ability to think!  Think proactively and have foresight!  We need a truly free society to actualize our potential as humans beings.

The term “hate speech” is itself irrational because it implies that you know what are the speaker’s motives.  It implies that you can read his mind!  Can you?  On its face that is a ridiculous claim!  Yet, “hate crimes” are now on the law books!  If it is a genuine crime, it is already covered by the existing law.  The only reason to add the unnecessary category of “hate speech” is to destroy genuine free speech–which is a necessary requirement of a free society.  Give irrationality an inch, and it will take far more than a mile.  It will take away your freedom!  This is what is at stake!  This is what you will lose if you let them get away with it.  Do not!  This is serious stuff.  You must use your conceptual faculty to analyze what is going on.  You must think!  Once you find yourself in a dictatorship, your ability to think will be irrelevant!  Don’t be a manipulated worker bee.  Speak up!  Don’t let it happen!


Is It “Hate Speech” to Tell the Truth?

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