A Collectivist (Socialist) Utopia is a Fraud

The three major forms or variations of Collectivism are Socialism, Fascism, and Communism.  The differences between them are minor.  Communism is the most extreme version–it is pure tyranny.  Under socialism the govt owns the means of production.  Under fascism the means of production are privately owned but controlled by the govt through regulations.  The mixed economy (mixture of capitalism and collectivism) in the U.S. is mostly fascist!  (Note: “crony capitalism” is fascism, the “politics-of-pull”, not capitalism.)  (Note also that “Nazi” is a German abbreviation for the National Socialist Party of Germany.) 

The model for Collectivism is a honey bee hive in which all worker bees are slaves.  They must sacrifice their lives for the “common good” of their hive.  The focus is on the group, on the collective, not on the individual.  Collectivism is the opposite of Individualism.  The United States was founded as an individualist nation based on the principle of individual rights.  That is why it is the first and only moral nation in history.  Under collectivism there are duties but no rights.  Advocates of socialism today do not realize that they are advocating an ideology of slavery, and that is all they can ever achieve.  Receiving “free stuff” is a fantasy!  Who will produce it?  You will, you foolish slave–if you don’t starve to death first!  Leon Trotsky, the communist radical, said: “Those who shall not toil shall not eat.”  It was later amended to: “Those who shall not obey shall not eat.”

Whenever a little freedom is tried, the result is more production, innovation, and wealth.  Whenever a little collectivism is tried the result is less of everything but misery.  See Venezuela today.  It was once the wealthiest nation in South America.  The principle is: A nation’s prosperity is proportional to it freedom.  All dictatorships are poor.  See North Korea, Red China, and the former Soviet Union (Russia).  The most prosperous nations are semi-free.  See Taiwan, Singapore, Israel, and the U.S.  Simply look at the world, and you will see that this is true.

Those who are enamored with socialism today are free to move to any socialist country of their choice.  Do not try to make America socialist.  Experiment with your own lives, not with mine!  I intend to keep both my guns and my freedom.  BTW, guns are the means by which we can keep our freedom.  That is the bottom line reason why the socialists in America cannot have them.  The 2nd Amendment is part of our Constitution which is the law of the land.  Any law or fascist regulation violating the 2nd Amendment is unconstitutional and illegal.  Period!

Collectivism Never Dies


The linked article below is a warning from Dr. Sebastian Gorka who has personally seen the disastrous results of Socialism.  His parents lived under it, and after the Berlin Wall came down in 1989 he went to live in East Berlin for 15 years.  He has seen the resulting horrors of that system up close and personal!  The equality you will “enjoy” is equal poverty, equal despair, equal misery.  Any system that crushes human souls is evil!

Do you know the philosophical principles which lead to freedom?  My past commentaries have been harping on them.  In my small way I am attempting to champion individual rights and freedom, but the fantasy of a Socialist utopia indoctrinates the ignorant.  If the political system under which you live is evolving, it would be wise to identify the philosophical principles underlying them.  You will then know the kind of system toward which you are moving.  If you will not like the end result, then you must make the effort to change your county’s direction.  If you fail, you will be stuck with that system.

There is no escape from a Socialist tyranny once it is established, and it will last longer than your lifetime.  Witness the history of Hitler’s Nazi Germany, Chairman Mao’s Communist Red China, and Stalin’s former Soviet Union (Russia).  If a similar system is brought to the United States, the world will no longer have our example of individual rights and freedom, and it will lose all hope.  The entire world will be crushed under the yoke of a one world govt tyranny.  You, personally, will have nowhere to escape.  You will have been trapped by your own ignorance and inaction!  Congratulations!  By default, you will have “earned” your despair!

‘Lunatics’ — ‘This System Crushes Human Souls’


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