Socialism and Its Consequences

Amazon will not be moving its headquarters to New York City after all.  Long Island City will lose 25,000+ jobs, a long term tax base, and the wealth that Amazon would have created there.  What politicians say does matter, and Amazon listened.  Who you vote for does matter, because politicians inevitably implement policies that are consistent with their ideologies–and that has consequences! 

Wealth is created!  It is not a static quantity.  Amazon would have created more wealth in NYC, and thus created a larger tax base.  The U.S. had lots of natural resources in 1700, but no wealth.  How much wealth does it have now?  What created that wealth?  Capitalism–and the freedom it depends on.  Capitalism is the greatest engine of wealth creation ever devised.  Capitalism and freedom lifted Europe out of poverty.  Read some of the history of capitalism and you will be amazed at true progress.  America the freest achieved the most.  Freedom is why it became the richest country on earth.  Even the “poor” have more “stuff” than the average person on earth.  America is a product of individualism in politics.  Collectivism (socialism, fascism, communism) is the opposite of individualism.

Socialism is anti-business and anti-wealth.  It would “redistribute” your paycheck.  It will take a portion of your earnings and give it to others who did not earn it.  That is a violation of your property rights because it is your paycheck.  The socialists call it “equality of outcome”.  Everyone gets paid the same amount whether they earned it or not, or even if they refuse to work.  That is what the socialists mean when they talk about “equality”.  That is what kills the motivation to work hard in any socialist country that comes close to being “pure” socialist.  That is why dictatorships are poor and cannot afford to support a welfare state.   The promise of “free stuff’ is only to lure you into voting for socialism, then you are trapped.  Note that the communist Leon Trotsky said: “Those who shall not toil, shall not eat.”  Amazon realized that it would not be in their interest to move their HQ into the hostile business climate of NYC.

Socialist politicians will implement socialist policies, and these will eventually make everyone equally poor, miserable, and dead.  That is all Socialism has ever achieved.  Look at the millions of their own people killed by Red China under Mao and the Soviet Union under Stalin.  It will make everyone an expendable subject in a tyranny.  Individuals will not be citizens who possess individual rights–like in the U.S.  Socialism is the ideology of slavery.  It treats everyone like a replaceable worker bee slave in the collectivist honey bee hive.  No rights.  No freedom.  No individualism.  Worker bee slaves must sacrifice their lives for the “common good” of their hive, their collective.   They certainly do not have a right to the pursuit of happiness!

The focus will be on the group, on the collective.  As an individual you will only be one insignificant member of a group, a replaceable cog in a wheel.  Your individual opinions will be irrelevant.  Voice them and you may “disappear” forever.  Those who listen to you may also disappear.  Pure socialism is very intolerant.  Your individual dreams will be irrelevant.  Your individual goals will be irrelevant.  You were fooled into voting for free ice cream, but you will never get your ice cream.  Welcome to the fantasy of a Socialist utopia!  It is not real and never has been.  The only goal is to rule and control unthinking slaves.  Think at you own peril!  See the “Killing Fields” of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.  Pol Pot ordered that all professional and educated people were to be killed.  Yes, a dictator can do that!  Why?  The ability to think is the enemy of a tyrant.  So, think deeply before you vote.  You can vote yourself into tyranny, but you cannot vote yourself out of it.

Furthermore, please do not be a hypocrite and wreck the lives of others, in addition to your own.  Please do not move away to another area in search of better employment conditions, and then vote unthinkingly the same way you did in your last hellhole.  Voters like you created that hellhole.  How?  No forethought!  You voted for an ideology of socialism without studying and understanding it.  You voted for politicians advocating socialist policies.  Once elected, they enacted them.  Duh!

This same criticism can be made of Muslims in the U.S. who allegedly want a better life for themselves but still want to live under Sharia law (Islamic law).  Sharia law created the shit hole they moved away from.  Now, they vote here for Sharia law, or for its closest equivalent–Socialism.  Rather than assimilating into a culture of freedom, they vote to turn the U.S. into the same shit hole from which they fled.  They are afflicted with intellectual myopia!  Are they hypocrites?  How do you define stupid?

How about Mexicans who come to America and wave the Mexican flag?  They come for the jobs, but they fail to understand what created those jobs.  Freedom!  A nation’s prosperity is proportional to its freedom!  Those Mexicans maintain loyalty to a system that could not create the jobs they desire, yet they advocate for that same system here!  Hypocrites?  What if the Aztlan movement was actually successful?  What would it achieve?  What if California, Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico actually became a part of Mexico again?  Mexico would enact the same policies over them that made the rest of Mexico poor.  Mexico should be a rich country because it has all kinds of natural resources, but it is not.  Why?  Again, a nation’s prosperity is proportional to its freedom.  This is not rocket science.  Do not be an ingrate and attempt to destroy your new home.  Do not be stupid!  Think!

Man is the rational animal.  This is the best definition of man because it is brief and also contains both genus and species.  The genus identifies the general category to which man belongs: animals.  Rational identifies the specific characteristic which separates man from the rest of the animals.  But, “rational” identifies a potential, not an actual.  Humans are capable of thinking pro-actively and thus of having foresight.  But, most individuals do not think pro-actively.  They “think” re-actively and thus have no foresight.  Do you know anyone who lives from paycheck to paycheck, on the edge of disaster with no savings?  Please do not be like that!  They are no better off than insects, the instinctive worker bee slaves in the collectivist honey bee hive.  The reason we are not extinct as a species is because of the few humans who did think.  They had the foresight to adapt their survival and living methods to different environments, and thus they made man the most widely distributed of the higher species on earth.  Thinking is that important!  Do not be stupid.  Do not be a victim of your immediate circumstances.  Please use your conceptual consciousness.  It is a magnificent potential!  Think pro-actively and have some foresight.  That is what makes us fully human.


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The more “pure” socialism becomes, the more authoritarian it becomes.  It will eventually morph into communism, into pure tyranny.  Be careful what you ask for!  You can vote yourself into tyranny, but you cannot vote yourself out of it!

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