Who You Callin’ Fascist?

I just read the article below on the internet and left the following comment.  I feel both frustrated and exasperated!  Ignorance will be the reason the U.S. will become a dictatorship!  But, I must do whatever I can to prevent it, or at least to delay it.  That is in effect what President Trump is doing–and that is why the power lusters hate him so much because he is messing up their plans.  Delaying dictatorship will give us a little more time to try to prevent it from happening.  And, the way to prevent it is to spread the right kind of knowledge.  I don’t know of any other way.

“Back to basics which everyone should know!  The three forms of collectivism are socialism, fascism, and communism. Communism is the most extreme version.  The govt owns everything and it is pure tyranny.  Under socialism the govt owns the means of production.  Under fascism the means of production are privately owned but controlled by the govt through regulations.  Regulations are fascist!  Our mixed economy in the U.S. is a mixture of capitalism and collectivism.  Which form of collectivism do you think is most prevalent!  There is much overlap between the three versions in actual use.  Nazi is the German abbreviation for the National Socialist Party of Germany.  We know them as fascists–who were left wing, not right!  USSR (Russia) stands for the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.  We know them as communists.  Red China was also communist.  They and the USSR killed more than 100 million of their own citizens in the 20th century, mostly through starvation.

“Under capitalism there is a separation of govt and economics.  There are NO govt controls of anything in the economy.  Voluntary cooperation is a characteristic, and a bilateral contract is the model.  A nation’s prosperity is proportional to its freedom.  That is why the most prosperous nations are the ones that are most free.  In contrast, the characteristic of purely collectivist nations is starvation.  See Venezuela today!

“Democracy is also known as the tyranny of the majority, or mob rule.  The U.S. was created as a Republic where the rights of the minority are protected and cannot by voted away by the majority.  Calling the U.S. a democracy is a sign of ignorance!

“The model for collectivism is a honey bee hive, and all of its worker bees are slaves to their hive.  But, we are humans, not insects.  That is why ANY form of collectivism does not work for us.  Collectivism is the ideology of slavery.  Capitalism is the ideology of freedom.  The primary issue in the U.S. is whether we will retain our rights and freedoms, or become starving slaves.  “Free stuff” is just a manipulation used by collectivists to lure the ignorant and stupid into voting for them.  Once you are in a dictatorship you lose your “right” to vote–which is why you cannot vote yourself out of tyranny!  One of the reasons we need a good education, not indoctrination, is that every American citizen should know this stuff!  It should be the background knowledge upon which all of our political actions and voting are based!  Back to basics!”

Who You Callin’ Fascist?




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