Bad Law Keeps People Poor

“Too many rules” is the problem!  That is what keeps people poor.  (See article, link below)  Entrepreneurs and businessmen cannot do business with all of these stifling rules.  Where do these rules come from?  Government regulations.  And, regulations are an integral part of fascism, not of capitalism.  The essence of capitalism is freedom.  How do you get a regulation out of that?

Individualism in politics logically follows from the concept of individual rights.  When your government honors and respects your rights, the result is freedom.  A nation’s prosperity is proportional to its freedom.  Simple!  That is how and why America became the richest and most powerful nation on earth because it was founded on the principle of individual rights.  That made the U.S., in its original founding principles, the only moral nation on earth!

Collectivism is the opposite of individualism.  The three variation of collectivism are socialism, fascism, and communism.  Under communism the government owns everything.  It is pure tyranny.  Under socialism the government owns the means of production.  Under fascism the means of production are privately owned but controlled by the government through regulations.  Regulations are fascist!  How do you eliminate or reduce the number of regulations?  By having a smaller government.  How do you reduce the size of government?  Downsize ruthlessly.  The law fills thousands of volumes of law books.  No one can actually “know” the law because of its immense magnitude.  If we want to be free we must eliminate unnecessary laws, governmental regulations, agencies, departments, and bureaucracies.  We need to streamline, a lot!

In response to a problem, do not ask the government to “do something”.  That is counter-productive because it only makes the government bigger and more powerful.  Tell it to eliminate the law that caused the problem.  Every new regulation causes an unforeseen problem which calls for another regulation to fix that new problem, and so on, until we have our current huge government and an out-of-control number of laws.  What if we worked backwards?  Downsize!  Simply follow the U.S. Constitution which would give us a small government of limited power.  The Declaration of Independence provides the rationale behind our Constitution.  It explains the “why”.  The purpose of our Constitution and its small government is to ensure rights and freedom for all citizens!  Have we forgotten that?

The model for collectivism is a honey bee hive.  All of the worker bees in the collectivist hive are slaves who are supposed to sacrifice their lives for the “common good” of their hive.  The focus is on the group, the collective, not on the individual.  Those who advocate socialism, or any other form of collectivism, are advocates of slavery.  Being ignorant of this fact does not change anything.  Whether they realize it or not, the Leftists are trying to enslave us all!  Keep in mind that slaves have no rights.  None, including the right to speak freely and protest.  How many of us take our rights for granted?  Do you want to be a slave?  Would you want to be ruled by an tyrannical master?  That master would be a cumbersome behemoth of a government, indifferent to your needs and feelings!  You would simply be a replaceable worker bee in an unmanageably huge collectivist hive.  This would certainly not be a government “of, by, and for the people”!

Collectivism requires statism which is big govt.  Statism is “the concentration of economic controls and planning in the hands of a highly centralized” government or state–“at the cost of individual liberty” (online Merriam-Webster dictionary and  In Washington DC the Liberals and most Conservatives are two sides of the same counterfeit coin, and that coin is collectivist!  They all promote big government.  The real scale in politics is individualism versus collectivism, not Left versus Right.  In simple terms it is small government versus big  government, or freedom versus slavery.

Why do businessmen need to function?  In order to produce.  Businesses create money and wealth by producing goods and services, thereby raising the standard of living for all.  Wealth is created!  Americans are the people who coined the phrase, “to make money”.  Wealth for humans does not grow on trees.  That is why everything must be paid for and why nothing is really free.  The businessman takes the discoveries of the scientist and creates products that enrich your life.  The computer and cell phone are examples.  Bill Gates and Steve Jobs fully deserve their wealth which is tiny compared to the benefits they created.  This is true for all of those who earned their wealth, but not for those who amassed it through influence peddling.  A prime example of this kind of corruption is Bill and Hillary’s Clinton Foundation.  Cronyism, the “politics of pull”, is fascism.  Our mixed economy is a mixture of capitalism and collectivism, and fascism is the most prevalent of the three forms.  The government does not create wealth.  It only consumes it.  If the government “gives” you something, anything, it must first take it (steal it) from someone else who earned it.  The property rights of that “someone else” must first be violated in order to “give” you something for “free”.  Get it?  This applies to all redistribution of the wealth.  (I am indebted to philosopher Ayn Rand for these ideas.)

A welfare check is obviously stolen property.  So are entitlements, subsidies, and getting more “back” from the IRS than you “paid”.  This is all temporary in the “big picture”.  By voting for “free stuff” you are voting your poor kids into future slavery!  How “mean-spirited” is that?  What kind of parent would do that?  Voting for promised “free stuff” is for suckers.  The “free stuff” is only “temporary” until the ruling elite can turn you into a replaceable worker bee in their collectivist hive.  Once you are enslaved with virtual chains, the charade can stop.  They will no longer need to deceive you.  You will be stuck in their hive as a worker bee slave, and your only possible escape will be death.  Don’t abuse the businessman.  Honor him!  He is the one who creates wealth in a civilized society.  He is the unappreciated benefactor of modern man.  Destroy the businessman and you will literally starve in the collectivist hive, in the self-created prison that you “voted” for.  See Venezuela today.  Hugo Chavez promised a Democratic Socialist paradise, and Venezuelans are now starving.  Reality is an unforgiving mistress.  As Thomas Jefferson warned, “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty!”

Production is the key to creating wealth–and to increasing wages.  Minimum wage laws only keep people poor, for example.  Capitalism has lifted more people out of poverty than any other system.  It’s not even close!  What is the basic need of businessmen?  Freedom!  They need to be free to be able to produce so that they can create more wealth for everyone to enjoy.  That is why a nation’s prosperity is proportional to its freedom!  Freedom is the optimal condition under which businessmen can produce and make money–for themselves and for everyone else.  “A rising tide lifts all boats!”

What is the proper function of government?  To protect its citizens, including businessmen, from the initiation of physical force.  Why?  Because that is the only way their rights can be violated.  Fraud is a form of force, by the way.  How can the government protect its citizens?  By creating a system of simple laws and a police force to enforce these laws. The courts adjudicate the laws.  The military protects us from foreign aggressors.  That’s it!  The proper function of government is not to create regulations–which are fascist (remember?)!  Regulations only complicate and confuse the real issues.  Freedom is what we need!  The system of laissez faire (hands off) capitalism is the purest form of freedom.  It is very unfortunate that most Americans do not understand the true nature of capitalism, the essence of which is freedom!  To make America great again, all we need is our freedom back.  To maximize prosperity for all, we need capitalism!  To achieve all of this, simply follow our Constitution!

Whenever a little freedom has been tried, the result has been prosperity.  See Singapore, Taiwan, Israel, and Hong Kong (current protesters in HK are waving the American flag, the symbol of freedom, and singing the Star Spangled Banner–how tragic that they will ultimately be crushed by China!).  Whenever a little collectivism has been tried, the result has been less prosperity.  Whenever a lot of collectivism has been tried, the result has been poverty, starvation, and death.  See Red China under Mao, the USSR (Russia) under Stalin, North Korea under Kim Jong Un (happening now!), and Venezuela under Maduro (happening now!).  Please do not be stupid.  Think before you vote!

Bad Law Keeps People Poor

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