CDC Releases Study on Gun Violence

Gun control laws DO NOT reduce violent crime.  They only restrict, hamper, and thus violate the rights of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms.  I am pleasantly surprised that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conducted an honest study and then released the untainted results.  The mainstream news media are proven liars in this regard which is why what most people “know” about gun control laws is not true.

By far the most comprehensive study ever conducted on the effects of gun possession on crime rates is reported in More Guns, Less Crime by Professor John Lott.  The book is now in its Third Edition and its database is FBI Uniform Crime Statistics for all counties in the United States for 26+ years.  No other study’s database remotely comes close.  Lott’s conclusions are in line with and even more emphatic than the conclusions in the CDC article linked below.

Thus, when any politician proposes or supports a new gun control law, he is either “stupid or evil.”  He is either irresponsibly stupid and ignorant if he or one of his many high paid staff members has not read Lott’s book, and this is inexcusable given his position.  If he knows his proposed gun control law will not reduce violent crime and he supports it anyway, then he is evil.  There are no other alternatives.  If he is a gun control advocate, then is he stupid or is he evil?

By the way, have you ever thought about the consequences of a “Gun Free Safe Zone”?  This is a designated area where it is illegal for anyone other than a police authority to possess a firearm.  Most schools are Gun Free Safe Zones so why do a high percentage of mass shootings occur in schools?  Because no good guy in a school will have a gun, and the bad guys know this!  Bad guys (criminals) DO NOT obey laws!  A Gun Free Safe Zone is a “safe zone for bad guys” until the police arrive.  This means that they will have several minutes of non-interference to “safely” make themselves famous on TV.  No one can stop their deadly rampage during which they are the ultimate authority in deciding whether your kid lives or dies!

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