Obamacare to health insurance companies: stop practicing insurance

Obamacare will destroy quality health care.  In a multitude of insidious ways, Obamacare prevents medical practitioners from practicing medicine.  It does this by imposing standards based on Socialist-Collectivist ethics and Political Correctness rather than allowing a business to operate rationally.  In other words it forces businesses to operate irrationally.  Yes, doctors, hospitals, and health insurance companies are all businesses, and they can (and will) go bankrupt if they do not follow rational policies.  They all have a right to make a profit (earn a living) just as you have a right to earn a paycheck, i.e., make a profit.  When medical care businesses go bankrupt, the government will take them over and will run them as inefficiently as it runs the Post Office.

The results of Obamacare will be disastrous to your long term personal health care.  As Obamacare goes into effect, there will be fewer doctors available as many will quit their profession, and there will be longer wait times as doctors will be required by the government to handle too many patients, thus leaving insufficient time per patient.  Even as he attempts to diagnosis and treat your illness, the doctor cannot focus on you.  Instead, he must consider how much time he is allowed by Obamacare to spend on you, what treatments he is allowed to recommend based on their cost, and whether you are young enough to save.  How many years of productive work do you have left in your life?  Is the cost to save your life worth it for the good of Mother Russia?–or for the good of Obama’s United Socialist States of America?  Regardless of what they are called, death panels will be a fact of life, or death, in Obamacare.

The average lifespan in America, including yours, will be reduced.  Do not plan on enjoying a long and comfortable retirement.  It will be short and impoverished.  (A nation’s prosperity is proportional to its freedom.)  In a Socialist America you will no longer have a right to the pursuit of happiness.


This article was written about conditions BEFORE Obamacare goes into effect, with the current and ever-increasing government regulations (= less freedom) on doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies.  It will only get worse after Obamacare goes into effect.


You need to understand that Obamacare is socialized medicine.  Many offer practical reasons why it will be disastrous, but the most important argument against it is the moral one.  Socialized medicine violates everyone’s rights.




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