U.S. military confirms rebels had sarin

Re: Allegation that the Islamist Rebels, not Assad, used chemical weapons in Syria.

If this is true, then Obama is going after the wrong side.  A couple of weeks ago I heard speculation that the rebels plotted to use chemical weapons and blame it on Assad in order to manipulate Obama, the amateur.  If Obama strikes Assad, then the rebels will have succeeded in using the US Air Force to function as their own Islamist Rebel Air Force!

Is Obama that gullible?  Or, is he plotting to have the Muslim Brotherhood take power in Syria?  But, the Muslim Brotherhood wants to destroy the United States.  Does Obama really want to destroy the US?  If Obama is so easily manipulated, then he is stupid and ignorant.  If he is not, and if he is actually an enemy of the US, then he is evil.  We’re back to the stupid or evil alternative.  So is Obama stupid, or is he evil?  You decide.

Classified document shows deadly weapon found in home of arrested Islamists


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