Americans hit the roof in debt-ceiling fight

The US is in an extremely bad financial situation.  Many commentators believe that an economic collapse is unavoidable and that it could happen very soon.  Potentially, millions of Americans could die as a result of an economic collapse. 

For example, how long would you be able to stay alive if the electric grid went down all over the country?  In other words, if there were an electrical blackout that lasted for three months or more, would you still be alive when the power came back on?  No water will come out of the tap, gasoline pumps will not work, all grocery stores shelves will be empty, police and fire services will be suspended, and you will be completely on your own.  How will you stop the starving and desperate rioters and looters from burning down or otherwise destroying your house and taking what few provisions you have?  Of course, if you die of thirst within the first week, you may not need to deal with the looters.  (What will you have to drink in an extended electrical blackout lasting months?  Three days without water, and you’ll be dead!)

Our Federal government continues to operate deep the red.  Soon, other countries will no longer loan us money.  If the Federal Reserve bank continues to print money to cover our government’s deficit spending, we eventually will not be able to avoid hyper-inflation like they had in the Weimar Republic in Germany just before Hitler.  It took a wheel barrow full of paper money to buy a loaf of bread, and thieves would steal the wheel barrow because it was worth more than the money. 

I believe that the only way to reduce government spending is to reduce the size and power of our government, drastically.  The government has proven that it will not reduce its spending voluntarily.  How much should we reduce our government?  How about using our Constitution as a guide?  Most of our governmental departments and agencies are not authorized by the Constitution.  Many of them did not exist 50 years ago, and we were financially better off without them.  The phrase “limited government” does mean something, and we must rediscover it if we want to save our country and live in freedom.  The bigger our government, the less freedom we have.  The smaller and more limited it is, the more freedom we have.  A nation’s prosperity is proportional to its freedom! 

Tell your representative in Washington DC: Vote No on raising the debt ceiling!

‘This is the only way we have to stop the spending’ (Government shut down?  It’s already shut down two days every week, and for two whole weeks during Christmas vacation.)

Poland confiscates half of citizens’ pensions in an attempt to delay it’s looming debt crisis.

          (The precedent is being set.  When will this happen in America?  Your rights have been legally eroding for over a century, and the rate of erosion is now accelerating exponentially!)


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