I have been interested in philosophy since a very young age because it underlies all of the values in our lives, the values that make life worth living.

Do you know what causes history?  The history professors do not, but only when you understand the root cause of history can you begin to take positive steps to change or direct the course of a nation.

Philosophy causes history.  The study of philosophy is the study of fundamental ideas.  “Ideas move man, and man moves the world.”  Philosophy is the source of the fundamental ideas of a culture and thus shapes its values.  These values set the direction of a society, and of a nation.  If you believe that a King or dictator has the moral right to lead your country, then you have the moral obligation to follow him.  But, if you believe that “we the people” have a right to elect leaders who share our values, then you will fight for that right -if you possess the courage.

The United States was founded as an Individualist nation based on the concept of individual rights, but since the late 1800’s we have inexorably shifted into a decline towards Collectivism.  An example of Collectivism is a honey bee hive.  Each worker bee (you) has no rights; it has only a duty to serve it’s hive, to serve it’s collective.  A worker bee’s (your) aspirations, self-esteem, and happiness is irrelevant.

Human beings possess a conceptual consciousness.  Thus, we are fundamentally different from honey bees.  Collectivism is an appropriate social organization for honey bees, but is it appropriate for humans?  Should humans be content with a life of complete and unconditional servitude, or are we endowed by our nature as sovereign individuals with the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness?  These alternatives are defined by the Politics of Collectivism versus the Politics of Individualism, and they are opposites.

There can be no compromise between opposite principles.  When two men haggle over price, they are both operating under the Principle of Trade.  The price they voluntarily and mutually agree upon is a compromise, and this is entirely appropriate.  But, there is no compromise between a robber and his victim.  The robber operates under the Principle of Force, and his victim operates under the Principle of Trade.  Force destroys Reason, and any attempt at compromise by the victim will result in the total surrender of his principle.  The trader will be transformed into a beggar.  “Please don’t take it all.  Please leave a little money so my family won’t starve.”  As Ayn Rand wrote, “In any compromise between food and poison, it is only death that can win.”

The three major forms of Collectivism are Socialism, Fascism, and Communism.  Under Fascism there is private property, but with governmental “control” over that property through regulation, law, and threat of force.  The government becomes a “partner of industry.”  Does this sound familiar?  Is it happening here in the U.S.?

It is crucial for you to never forget that under any form of Collectivism you do not possess any Rights.  You have only Duties to your collective -to your group, tribe, community, race, nation, or beehive.  If you forget this key fact, don’t be surprised when you wake up one morning and find yourself living under a Dictatorship.  And, then, don’t complain about your personal losses, suffering, or shattered dreams.  You are just a worker bee.  Who are you to want anything you selfish bastard!  The pursuit of happiness does not apply to your life as a Collectivist.  Your only purpose in life is to serve your collective!

Individualism in Politics, when fully implemented, would result in laissez faire Capitalism.  Unfortunately, most Americans do not understand Capitalism, and that is why we are losing it -and why we are losing our freedoms.  The essence of Capitalism is the concept of individual rights, and rights are the source of freedom.  A Nation’s prosperity is proportional to its freedom.  For more elaboration, see: http://principlesofafreesociety.com/limited-government/

As you read the information in the above link, keep in mind that the moral justification for Capitalism is more fundamental, and thus far more powerful, than the practical reasons for Capitalism.  The battle for rights, freedom, and Capitalism is a moral battle.

I hope that you can now begin to see how philosophy shapes a society and causes history.  Altruism in Ethics inexorably leads to Collectivism in Politics, and that will ultimately result in dictatorship.  An Ethics of rational self-interest will eventually lead to Individualism in Politics, and the implementation of that is Capitalism and freedom.  Philosophical ideas will determine whether we are forced to labor as worker bees or are free to pursue our individual happiness.

This website is dedicated to the rediscovery and preservation of rights and freedom in America.

Alan Egusa