What Memorial Day Really Means

On Memorial Day we should be aware of and appreciate what our military men fought for.  They fought and many died for our rights and freedoms.   Our rights should be considered sacred.  Americans need to better understand what individual rights are, and are not.  We are losing more every day because Americans do not understand what they are, and are not. Continue reading

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Do You Know Your Ideology?

The title essay (first chapter) in the small paperback Philosophy: Who Needs It? may be the most important essay for young people to read, but it is not enough by itself.  The essay explains that philosophy underlies all of our views, opinions, and perspectives.  It is a conceptual connection that cannot be denied.  But beyond that, young people searching for meaning in their lives need to know that there is an answer, there is a solution for them and for America so they should not despair–but time to act is short.  The answer is a “philosophy for living on earth”; one that can rationally explain why their highest purpose is to achieve their personal happiness in their lifetime–and that this is realistically possible.  Continue reading

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Truth about Fracking?

Emotionalism has become far too common and acceptable in our culture today.  Real knowledge is derived from reality through the use of our mental faculty, through the use of reason.  It starts with observations which leads to the formation of principles, concepts, and knowledge.  The scientific method is an example of this process.

What is the relationship of reason to emotion?  Continue reading

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Education: The Left’s Long Game of Social Change

I was one of the volunteer judges for the oral presentations of a high school’s annual senior projects.  What I discovered was alarming!  These students were not being taught how to think; they were concrete-bound mentalities.  They thought about things, about concretes; they did not readily think on the conceptual level. Continue reading

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Black Lives Matter is Blackmail!

Bill Whittle nails it again.  Black Lives Matter is blackmail!  It is a Leftist strategy to take advantage your civilized manners.  Do not let your good manners be used against you by those who have no manners.  At minimum you must speak up and say, “I disagree” whenever you do not agree.  Your silence will be interpreted as agreement, and you will be counted and publicized by the dishonest media as part of the consensus, the politically correct consensus .  Your rights and freedoms are literally at stake.  Don’t let evil win by default!  Continue reading

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Free Speech Under Assault

Do you remember when the radical Left first came up with the category of “hate crimes”?  It was unnecessary and superfluous because any valid “hate crime” was already a crime.  For example, assault and murder were already crimes, but the new category said that they were worse if committed with hateful “intent”.  This implied  that we could read minds.  The entire concept is invalid.  Continue reading

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“Hillary’s America” documentary movie

Dinesh D’ Souza’s movie “Hillary’s America” is playing in theaters now, but only for a few days.  See it while you can!  I saw it yesterday.  It shows how Hillary and Bill Clinton have absolutely no conscience when they lie to you and rip you off!  They use corruption in government to “legally” steal from you and cover their criminal activities.  The Clinton Foundation is the model of big time corruption gone wild!  It is a money laundering scheme much worse than anything the drug cartels have ever created!  Continue reading

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Orlando Terrorist Attack

Here are a few things to keep in mind for context as you read these articles.

Two of the groups favored by political correctness, Islam and gays, are on a collision course.  Islam persecutes and kills gays.  They are incompatible.  Which one will PC ultimately choose?  Until this question is answered, any gay who is PC is asking for it!  Continue reading

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Small Businesses Hurt by Obamacare

Socialized medicine is bad in principle.  Obamacare is socialized medicine on steroids.  Therefore, its consequences must be really bad.  The only question is, how bad?  The article at the bottom of these comments elaborates on the injustice.

Socialism and the other two forms of collectivism, Fascism and Communism, are institutionalized theft.  They redistribute wealth which means that they must rob Peter in order to pay Paul.  This is a violation of Peter’s property rights.  Continue reading

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Please Honor the Values of an Anti-Gun Person

A firearm is the most practical implement of self-defense available to most Americans. Anyone who wishes to deny you a gun wishes to prevent you from being able to effectively defend yourself. I therefore conclude that an anti-gun person is opposed to the principle of self-defense.

How will this affect my personal behavior? I will never knowingly disrespect the views of anyone who I know is against the 2nd Amendment by coming to his aid or defense. Continue reading

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