Black Lives Matter is Blackmail!

Bill Whittle nails it again.  Black Lives Matter is blackmail!  It is a Leftist strategy to take advantage your civilized manners.  Do not let your good manners be used against you by those who have no manners.  At minimum you must speak up and say, “I disagree” whenever you do not agree.  Your silence will be interpreted as agreement, and you will be counted and publicized by the dishonest media as part of the consensus, the politically correct consensus .  Your rights and freedoms are literally at stake.  Don’t let evil win by default! 

“I heard what you said, but I do not understand what you mean.  Please explain.”  Whenever anyone says something that is confusing or incomprehensible, politely ask him to explain.  This will be his “kiss of death”.  Chances are that he cannot explain his position in a rational manner.  If he gets angry at you, he is resorting to intimidation which is a form of force.  The opposite of physical force is reason and persuasion.  Trying to shut you up or make you go away is an admission of guilt.  He would not need to resort to force if his position was rational and he actually understood it.  Emotionalism runs rampant in our culture today.  Virtually all Leftist-Progressive-Socialist arguments are based on misinformation and emotion.

BLM is a scam to get blacks “worked up” on phony issues in order to get them out to vote and to vote Democrat.  The shameless Democrats will stoop to anything to get votes and remain in power.  They believe that the ends justify the means, even if those means are dishonorable and despicable!  BLM are just a bunch of useful idiots, most of whom happen to be black.  They are being manipulated to serve the socialist-collectivist agenda which will ultimately enslave them (and you) as a worker bees in the collectivist bee hive.

Regarding the “selling points” of BLM, many blacks have a chip on their shoulders because their ancestors were brought to America as slaves.  Yes, their ancestors were wronged.  But, as a direct consequence of that wrong, blacks today benefit hugely by being born as citizens in the freest country on earth.  They have an unrivaled opportunity to make something of their lives here rather than dying of aids or starvation in Africa.  They should keep this perspective in mind!

An important truth to be aware of is that America is the least racist nation on earth.  Blacks need to ask themselves whether or not their own irrational and violent behavior actually creates most of the racism that does exist!  High crime rates, violent and destructive protests, emotional and hysterical obscenities, superficial political positions that do not appreciate the good aspects of being born as an American, and the obvious success of so many blacks including the fact that our President is black.  This really is a country of opportunity.  Ingrates!  Where is the appreciation?

Most importantly, if blacks are not happy about their ancestors being slaves, then why are they pushing so hard to become slaves again?  Yes, socialism is slavery, but they haven’t figured that out yet!  Socialism is a version of collectivism.  The best way to understand collectivism is to compare it to a honey bee hive.  Everyone in a socialist dictatorship is a worker bee whose life is owned by their hive, by the all-powerful State.  A worker bee does not have rights.  Instead, he has a duty to sacrifice his life for his hive.  Only under individualism do you own your own life and have a right to it.  Individualism and collectivism are political opposites!  The first results in freedom; the second in slavery.  This should be basic knowledge that you get in high school!  Welfare checks, entitlements, and other “free stuff” are just sweet smelling bait to sucker the bees in.  Once caught in the collectivist trap you have no vote, no choice, and there is no escape.  Your rights and freedoms will be gone!  You will be owned.  Any American who does not understand this simply has not been paying attention and has not been thinking.  Do not be an ignorant useful idiot!

If blacks commit 75% of the crime in NYC (from Bill Whittle’s article below), then they should make up 75% of the criminals shot and killed by police there.  Simple!  Don’t be mislead by cherry picked numbers and lying statistics.  The fact that blacks are only 23% of the population on NYC is irrelevant–except to point out that this fact indicates that they are far more likely to be involved in crime than are whites–and that therefore profiling is valid.  Also, their behavior when confronted by police is often arrogant, uncooperative, and combative.  Police are aware of their own vulnerability and want to go home to their families at the end of their shift.  It is a job, not a cause.  When they tell you to do something, part of the reason may be for their own safety.  If you disobey a police order, you increase the likelihood of being shot by a policeman who feels threatened!  The radical Leftist media manipulate the facts by omission when they do not mention this.  Deception is their method, and they are a huge part of the problem.

The people most hurt by the media’s dishonesty are blacks who have a work ethic and work hard for a living.  Profiling is valid, but it harms these good people the most.  They do not get caught up in the nonsense, but the squeaky wheel gets the grease!  The small percentage of outspoken useful idiots like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, and the violent black protesters get all of the press.  And, Obama encourages and even incites this disorder which is truly despicable!  Yes, our President is a racist!  Yet, the economic situation of blacks has become worse during his Presidency.  He uses them only to further his own agenda.  The two-faced Obama has not helped them at all!

Objective news reporting is a thing of the past.  The bias of the news media is obvious to any rational observer.  They are manipulating useful idiots to achieve their evil ends.  Socialism enslaves everyone except the ruling elite.  The media apparently do not realize that they will also be worker bees in the socialist-collectivist bee hive just like all of the other worker bees.  Please realize that the media is always strictly controlled in any dictatorship; there is no such thing as a free press.  They have not connected the dots!  They too are useful idiots!

To save rights and freedom in America we must think!  We must to be able to think for ourselves, critically and independently.  If we allow the media and politicians to manipulate our thinking, we and our children will all become slaves in a socialist-collectivist dictatorship.  Our country is very close to the point of no return.  Once we lose our rights we will not get them back, certainly not in our lifetimes.   Pay attention and speak up now while you still can.  It won’t be long before “we the people” won’t matter.  It will be Orwell’s 1984.  All worker bees in the statist-collectivist bee hive will be expendable.  You, too, will be expendable.  Then, it will become true that: No Lives Matter!

Bill Whittle’s Firewall: Black Lives Matter Kills People

Dissecting and demolishing the big lie of the Black Lives Matter gang.

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Democrats are simply doing the same thing to BLM that they did to Bernie supporters.

The Fallacy of Police vs. Black America

“People come in every color, creed, shape, size and sex. They have wildly different levels of fitness, skill, training, levels of aggression, and mindset. Fights aren’t fair, and in the real world, one of the two combatants in the fight is often vastly superior to the other. More often than not, that person is also the aggressor. They typically take the initiative, establish dominance quickly, and if they are handled quickly, may quickly beat their opponent not just into submission, but into death.”

“ ‘Unarmed’ doesn’t mean you’re not a threat. The person is the weapon. Everything else is just a tool.”  When the police shoot an “unarmed” person, it may be completely justified.  Do not “rush to judgment!”  Facts matter.

Yes, “Unarmed” People Often Deserve To Be Shot

West Virginia Cop Fired For NOT Shooting An Armed Suspect

It is the Left, not the right, who believes that black people are inferior to whites.  That is the premise underlying all of their policies, and it also underlies their strategy to keep blacks voting Democrat.  It is the Left who are the racists!

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Duh! But it’s nice to have it in writing.

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The Leftist strategy for dictatorial control is working.

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Armed Man Whose Death Sparked Milwaukee Had Long Record, Including Witness Intimidation

The “entitlement mentality” has been encouraged by the Leftists.   It is financed by the redistribution of wealth by the government which is a violation of property rights.  It is robbing Peter to pay Paul.  A man who does not own what he produces is a slave.  Are blacks advocating slavery?  If they consider welfare checks to be “payback” because their ancestors were slaves, do they understand that they are holding a man guilty for the crimes of his great grandfather?  Are they hypocrites?  And, not all taxpayer’s ancestors were slave owners in America!  What kind of “justice” is this?  Do they understand that something is rightfully theirs only if they earn it?  America is the only nation with a tradition of individual rights.  These rights give every American citizen a fantastic opportunity to improve his lot and make something of his life.  Only in America!  Are these entitlement mentalities (regardless of their race) rejecting this magnificent tradition of individual right?  If so, then they do not deserve to be Americans.

Watch As Rioter Tells Reporter: ‘Rich People, They Got All This Money… Don’t Give Us None’


Sowell: The Cliche of America’s ‘Legacy of Slavery

“A good catch phrase could stop thinking for fifty years.”

True equality versus double standards is a real problem for the Left.  They don’t seem to recognize the difference.  One of the most visible problems with political correctness is its double standard in all things.

GREENFIELD: America’s Black Racist Hypocrisy

There will be no progress until black leaders stop making excuses and start disowning black racists.

It was President Johnson’s Great Society that destroyed the black family unit.  The rules said that a woman was ineligible for a welfare check if there was an adult male in the household.  Without an adult male role model in the family, teens ran wild, joined gangs, and became criminals.  The admirable progress blacks had made in previous decades was more than reversed.

Williams: Academics, Media Wrong to Blame Crime on Poverty, Discrimination

“No one bothers to ask why crime was falling in the 1930s, ’40s, and ’50s, when blacks faced far greater poverty and discrimination.”

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