A good woman always knows her progressive place

When being raped by a refugee, just relax and enjoy it–or at least shut up accept it.  Know your progressive place!  This is the duty of every Progressive/Liberal female.

Progressivism/Liberalism advocates a Socialist-Collectivist state.  In this political arrangement no one owns their own body, the state does.  It is “selfish” to think that one owns one’s own body.  The all powerful state owns all.  Thus, you must do your politically correct duty!

Individualism in politics is the opposite of the ideology of Collectivism.  Individualism logically follows from the concept of individual rights just as Collectivism follows from the concept of moral duty.

Individualism in politics is the opposite of the ideology of Collectivism.  Individualism logically follows from the concept of individual rights just as Collectivism follows from the concept of moral duty.

Individual rights are a selfish concept.  You have a right to your life, to your liberty, and to the pursuit of your happiness.  The moral standard is rational self-interest, or rational selfishness.  The female individualist is rationally selfish and has a right to her own life and to her own body. The moral standard in collectivism is altruism, the ethics of sacrifice.  A female collectivist is selfless and must morally sacrifice her life and her body to the state, to the collective.  One should understand her professed ideology–and its consequences.

The People’s Cube: What to Do When a Refugee Crushes on You?

A good woman always knows her progressive place.


A note of clarification:

The easiest way to understand the essence of collectivism is to look at a honey bee hive.  The citizen in any pure form of collectivism (whether it is socialism, fascism, or communism) is a worker bee and has no rights.  He has only a moral duty to work and sacrifice his life for his hive, for his collective, whether that group is his village, community, country, or race.  The personal happiness of a citizen in a collective is irrelevant; his life is expendable.  All that matters is that he contributes to the survival and to the “common good” of his hive.  His individual life is relevant only to the extent of his sacrifice.  His moral worth is judged by how much he sacrifices.  So, if you are a Progressive Socialist, do your politically correct duty even if it means offering your body to a refugee!

Individualism results in capitalism, the essence of which is freedom.  The United States came closest to this ideal which is why it quickly became the wealthiest nation on earth.  A nation’s prosperity is proportional to its freedom.  Three 20th century examples of collectivism are the Soviet Union under Stalin (Russia), Red China under Mao, and Nazi Germany under Hitler.  You would not have wanted to live, or die, in any of these brutal dictatorships.

Regarding Muslim refugees: As they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do.  But, these refugees and other Muslim immigrants have no intention of assimilating into a new and freer American culture.  They “demand” that we SUBMT to their religion and change OUR culture to suit them.  They wish to live under Sharia law which is not compatible with freedom because it violates ALL individual rights.  We need to have the courage and resolve to tell them bluntly: “If you wish to live under Sharia law, then go back to the shit hole you came from.  It is a shit hole BECAUSE it is governed by Sharia law.”  Rights and freedom result in prosperity for the people.  Religious totalitarianism, or any form of dictatorship, results in poverty and misery.  Note that Sharia law is religious totalitarianism which is a form of collectivism.  One has duties but no rights.  Individual rights are a foreign concept to Islamic culture and to Muslims.

The Koran says that we must convert (submit) to Islam, or die.  If Muslims come to OUR country, we already have a magnificent culture unprecedented in history.  It is far superior to their 7th century religious simple-mindedness, backwardness, and brutality.  Multiculturalism is wrong!  All cultures are NOT equal.  We will not relinquish our freedoms for anyone!  We, and they, need to appreciate and treasure our tradition of individual rights.

Refugee Aid Worker Reveals Rampant Sexual Harassment, Belligerence, Extreme Demands

“I went in high spirits my first day… Then the first refugees came to my office…”


We tend to believe that all other people share our values and points of view.  That is why we make this common mistake with Muslim refugees and immigrants who come from a completely different cultural background than we do.  We “assume” which is an aspect of being “stupid”.  It could be a fatal mistake.  (assume = making an “ass” out of “u” and “me”)

Afghan Migrant Unloads on Swedish Bus Passengers: ‘I’ll Eat Humans’ and ‘Kill 10 People’

But we thought these migrants were just seeking a better life and grateful to their host countries.


The underlying enemy is bad ideology.  In this case it is Progressive/Liberal/Statist/Collectivist ideology.  Be very careful what you advocate and who you support, politically.  Politicians are accomplished liars and will use deception to manipulate you in ways in which you would never dream.


‘Where is the outrage? Where are the burning bras?’


Reward evil, and you will get more of it.  This is common sense!

German Feminists Give Roses to Muslims Who Possibly Participated in the Mass Sexual Assault Against Women


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