Criticizing Thomas Jefferson

Anyone who criticizes Thomas Jefferson or any of our Founding Fathers because they owned slaves is a complete idiot!  They are implying that everyone must be both correct and consistent in their views.  Are they?  The first thing they should do is to take an honest look in the mirror to see the biggest hypocrite in their own miserable lives. 

Slavery was an accepted and integral part of the economy and society at the time of the Founding Fathers.  It had a history of thousands of years.  Anyone who was against it would be considered a radical or rebel, as was abolitionist John Brown 80 years later.  Even if Jefferson was philosophically against slavery, how do you expect him to change the views and economy of the entire society of his time?

Socialism is viewed favorably by a sizable minority today.  If our country survives as a semi-free nation, which is against all odds, people 200 years from now will look at socialism as evil.  The dream of a socialist utopia will be considered foolish.  They will see the people of our time who advocate it as incredibly stupid.  You might be incredulous, but that is my belief.  Socialism is evil because it is one of the three variations of collectivism.  The other two are Communism and Fascism.  Collectivism and all of its variations can be understood with the analogy of the honey bee hive.  That hive is a collective.  The worker bees who belong to that hive have a duty to sacrifice their lives for the “common good” of their hive.  They do not possess individual rights.

The opposite of collectivism is individualism.  The United States was founded as an individualist nation.  Each individual citizen posses certain inalienable rights.  When these rights are honored and respected by others and especially by his own government, the result is freedom.  A nation’s prosperity is proportional to its freedom.  I personally do not understand how anyone in a semi-free country like the U.S. can be an advocate of collectivism.  Controls breed controls, and collectivism inevitably ends up as a dictatorship which enslaves its citizens.  An advocate of collectivism is therefore an advocate of slavery.  Any person today who enjoys his rights and freedom while living here but advocates socialism is a hypocrite!

This is a brief explanation of why I consider those who look down at Thomas Jefferson or any of our Founders because they owned slaves as stupid.  They fail to look at context, and they fail to connect all of the dots.  Something is really wrong with the way they think!


Matt Schlapp: Left ‘Going Right After the Founders’ with War on History

Officials to add slavery plaque to Jefferson Memorial so visitors can consider former president’s ‘complexity’

There are idiots today who want to tear down a statue of Robert E. Lee, the famous Civil War general.  What I said about those above who denigrate our Founders also applies here.  General Lee was a true hero and gentleman who can properly be a role model today.  He was a loyal Virginian who was offered command of the Union Army at the beginning of the Civil War.  The morons today who would malign him do not know the history of the debate between State’s rights versus the power of the Federal government.  They do not deserve to stand in Lee’s shadow.

Robert E. Lee Works Poorly as the Left’s Confederate Villain

Historians say iconic general who opposed slavery is too complex to be defined by modern politics


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