Public School Teacher Admirably Denounces Government-Run Education

A public school teacher courageously speaks out against the educational establishment–and the mediocrity it promotes.  A good teacher is motivational, inspirational, imaginative, innovative, and logically valid.  In current education it is virtually impossible to be any of these because you are required to “teach” from a script which is obviously not working.  Teachers are not allowed to teach!

C Bradley Thompson, PhD, explains why “The ‘public’ school system is the most immoral and corrupt institution in the United States of America today, and it should be abolished.”  His essay includes sections on:

The Coercive Nature of Public Schools

Government Schools Are Tools of Indoctrination

Further Atrocities in Government School

The New Abolitionism: Why Education Emancipation is the Moral Imperative of our Time

(subscription required for access to the full essay)

Andrew Bernstein, PhD, explains how privatizing schools would tremendously improve education in America.  Private schooling is an aspect of Capitalism that very few understand, and neither do the vast majority of Americans have any real understanding of Capitalism itself (which is due in large part to the “dumbing down” of America via government schools).  Capitalism is all about freedom, and the prosperity of a nation is proportional to its freedom.  America today is struggling economically precisely because our laws and business regulations constrain freedom and violate individual rights–and are therefore immoral.

The Educational Bonanza in Privatizing Government Schools  (full essay)

This essay explains why “modern education” does not teach properly.  Why?  Because it violates the hierarchy of knowledge, the logically necessary order of learning any subject.  A simple example of the hierarchy of knowledge is found in math.  One must first learn to count.  Then, with that knowledge as a context and foundation, one can learn and understand addition and subtraction.  The next step is multiplication and division.  Then, and only then, can one learn and understand algebra.

Attempting to teach a child algebra before he has learned multiplication and division is a formula for destroying the child’s ability to think.  Because it is logically impossible for the child to see why algebra is valid, he can only believe it on faith–because the teacher says so.  Rote memorization replaces true learning and understanding.  Integrating his knowledge becomes impossible.  The child is indoctrinated, not educated, because he has no real knowledge and understanding of reality.  He therefore cannot think independently.  He is ripe for believing anything presented to him by “authority” and becoming a willing subject of dictatorship.  If this is the standard, then “modern education” as done its job.  Goodbye to America the free.

The Hierarchy of Knowledge: The Most Neglected Issue in Education

(subscription required for access to the full essay)

Here is one option when competition is introduced into the field of education.  It is an example of how it can be good for both students and good teachers.  In a competitive environment the most effective teachers, and especially their methods, will rise to the top.  A successful society needs good teachers, desperately.  The teaching profession will earn the prestige it deserves, and it will attract the best teachers for your children.

The $4 Million Teacher


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