In Apple antitrust case, life imitates Atlas Shrugged

This is yet another example of how government strangles business.  The ideal is the separation of state and economics which means that the government has zero authority in the economic sphere.  We were close to this ideal in our first 100 to 150 years, and the explosion of wealth in America was unprecedented in human history.  Profit-seeking is the real engine of wealth, and it requires freedom.  This is why a nation’s prosperity is proportional to its freedom.  Now that our government is literally regulating businesses to death, isn’t it obvious why our economy is in a deep recession?  Obama’s policies increase regulation and government oversight, and this is exactly the opposite of what prosperity requires.  As our nation becomes more and more Socialist-Statist, you will become more and more poor  Unemployment will get worse.  Obama’s policies will make America a poor nation.  We are stuck on stupid!

Here is an example of how government regulations hurt American businesses.  By the way, American built ships do cost significantly more in this example, but why?  Government regulations, that’s why.  Without (artificial and unnecessary) government regulations, American businesses would become much more competitive internationally.

This obscure regulation is slowing down the transportation industry


How labor laws hobbled one of America’s largest steel producers

America’s unprecedented rise in its standard of living is a direct result of profit-seeking and profit-making endeavors.  America’s wealth creation was based on the principle of trade.  Under Capitalism a rich man earns his wealth by trading, and by thus enriching others through their voluntary cooperation.  Under Capitalism a rich man owes nothing to anyone.  He earned his wealth. 

It is only in a Socialist-Statist system that a man can acquire riches unjustly through the politics of pull, through government connections and favors.  We are well along the road to a such a Collectivist state.  Obama has his foot on the accelerator.

‘Give Back’ Is One of the World’s Most Impoverishing Commands

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