Why our cities are writhing in death-grip of crime, bankruptcy

Politics is one of the five branches of Philosophy, and the issue here is Individualism versus Collectivism which are opposites.  When implemented Individualism results in a free society, i.e., in Capitalism.  Collectivism results in Statist tyranny, whether the variant is Socialist, Fascist, or Communist.  This is the stark choice facing America today.

Regarding the linked article the red areas of the country have more or less Individualist values.  The blue areas have more or less Collectivist values.  Ironically, decades ago, the media referred to the different areas with the opposite colors; Conservatives were blue and Liberals were red.  They switched the colors a couple of decades ago.  Why?  I think it was because the utter failure of their ideology became obvious on the world’s stage and they were no longer proud of their association with the “red communists.”  Do you recall the economic failure of Red China and the Reds in the former Soviet Union?  The truth hurts, so they’ve switched the colors in attempt to make their connection with “red communism” less obvious and now call their failed ideology “Progressive.”

Detroit is the poster child for the failure of Progressive ideology in America.  Since Collectivism has failed everywhere else in the world, why would they believe they would get a different result here?  Cause and effect always operates; reality is real.  But, the Statists stubbornly ignore the facts.  The news media and today’s “blue” politicians are doing everything in their power to hide their failure by blaming greed and Capitalism which is the ideological opposite of Collectivism.  Will you be convinced by their deception?

What is at stake is prosperous freedom versus impoverished tyranny.  Observe that the freest nations in the world are the most prosperous.  All dictatorships are poor.  A nation’s prosperity is proportional to its freedom.  What system will your children live under?  Whether your choice is based on informed rationality or ignorant emotionalism, you must choose.  But, your children cannot escape the consequences of what you choose.  Will they be free or enslaved?

Exclusive: David Kupelian on the disintegration of nation’s municipalities


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